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Do you ever have those ideas that keep nagging at you until you act upon them? Yeah I had one of those at the beginning of December. I kept seeing teens and Santa in my head. I know that sounds crazy, but I was seeing it as cool and youthful. I was envisioning Santa sharing a earbud listening to current music, Starbucks, selfies and more. You get the idea. Something relatable to the younger market who doesn't necessarily believe in Santa anymore but still wants to be a part of the magic and wonderment of it all.

“Do you ever have thoughts and visual ideas that pop up constantly. Crazy thoughts that keep knocking louder until you put the session in motion? Yeah that is a photographers life in a nutshell. Once you act upon the imagery you see, it becomes a full blown session.”


I called up a past client who had a little girl who was in 5th grade. I knew she would be perfect for this. I told the mom about my crazy idea and that it was just a concept. Nothing more at the moment. Heck I didn't even have a Santa Suit or a Santa at this point. Plus I was envisioning snow which we didn't even have on the radar! So I said let me see what I can do, but let's do this on December 17th!


“I believe it is better to jump than to wonder what if.”

Suddenly I was wanting to incorporate older teens as well in this shoot. It was quickly evolving into a monster that still did not have a Santa Suit to pull it off. A few phone calls later, and voila...I have a Santa Suit and a Santa! I also now had 8 models ranging in age from 11-15. Suddenly this shoot was turning into a full blown concept. Moms were sourcing wardrobes, props and more. One mom even made fake hot chocolate for the Starbucks mugs-thanks Tami, because well, I am not at all crafty. We still did not have snow though. And I think Mother Nature and I are not on the best of terms.


Yes, I just said that and I can't imagine my life without mine. I gave up full control of my editing two years ago as I felt my world spiraling out of control. Outsourcing saved my life and my creativity. My photo editor knows me. She can handle my crazy ideas and deadlines and she made the transition seamless by editing my photos exactly how I wanted them. She has my steps down like a fine science. So I called and asked if she could make things frosty and add snow. YES! That was a relief since it was rainy and grey out the day of the shoot.

Suddenly this crazy idea was turning into something so special and fun for the teens and their moms. I wanted to shoot ads for next year so I could be offering Santa Mini's that are a little more out of the box and I can't wait-if you want on the list for next year, contact me. The fun part is I will be offering them in October (since I don't need snow!) so the teens and tweens won't be as cold as they were last weekend! xoxo,


Hair and Makeup | Courtney Hampton @courtneynicole23

Santa Suit Compliments Of | Daphne The Balloon Girl & More @daphnesballoons


“A session with me is not just about the teen. I include mom as well every step of the way.”

I love seeing a session through the eyes of the moms! They are immersed in the moment and always see things a little differently. It is a time they get to share with their child. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the moms that day!

#BTS Photo Credit | Tami Dugan

#BTS Photo Credit | Charlene Shrewsbury

#BTS Photo Credit | Crystal Swearingen


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